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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Resources for Long Essays

Scott Esposito at Conversation Reading has posted links to two new resources for long essays, Byliner and Atavist. Byliner is a site which both publishes new essays and provides a platform for users to share their favorite essays and discover new ones. Atavist is a boutique publisher devoted to long-form essays, and uses a software called Periodic to make their essays available in various eReader formats. Periodic allows writers to include interactive video, audio and images in their essays.

I sincerely hope these sites survive. As Esposito points out, long-form essays are increasingly being neglected by magazines, and much online publishing is devoted to very short units of text (from news articles all the way to infinitesimal tweets). Just browsing these sites for an hour or so this morning, I've already found an interesting recent essay by J.M. Coetzee and a twelve-year-old NYT profile of Martha Nussbaum.

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